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Photography is the philosophy of our memories that are carefully packed and stored on the respective shelves of our mind and marked with the momentum of the photo. Photos look small, but emotions, moments and reflections that are carried by each of us in the photos make these pieces of art alive and unique. We complete and fill photos with our personalized picture of the moment. One of the major and the most impressive qualities of photography is the ability to lie and this lie becomes significant, but, at the same time charming. How many times have you been attracted by the photo in the guide and created a dream that would take you to that place? How many times, when you reached this place, were you burned by the difference and illusion that was created through the photo?

Sometimes, however, when photography is honest, it can denude the unfortunate reality of our life. Once I came across the series of photos that were taken by one young photographer that was trying to show the life in the city from another angle – the one that was definitely contrasting with the entire atmosphere of the gallery, its visitors and its character. More than hundred photos sighted the chase of the homeless people in the streets of ten world capitals. The contradiction between the background and front line in the photos was impressive and the photographer managed to catch a moment that gave a real breathe to each of the photos, each of them telling its story, never happy, but always with hope.

I do not remember the name of the photographer right now, she never got famous, but the photos will always remain in my mind and, I am sure, in the memories of many other visitors who saw this exhibition and made their contribution to the contrast of the visible and invisible sides of the city life.

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