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Once upon a time there was a young woman who was helping returning military officers and soldiers after the II World War to find a job. It was not an easy task and sometimes people with great potential and talent for particular things had to do repetitive and mechanical job. She decided to develop a study that would help people and employers find the optimal match between personalities and job types, where employee would bring the most value to the company and enjoy his daily job at the same time. Katherine Cook Briggs started to collect the data and note her personal observations in order to examine her findings and come up with the way to standardize and evaluate personalities based on common criteria.

She was very enthusiastic and almost obsessed with her idea of creating unified measurement and psychological types that would solve the motivational problem in a workplace. Going through numerous literature works and previous studies, she once came across the work of Carl Gustav Jung, who developed a study on the personalities just a couple of years before Katherine started her work. When young scientist realized that Jung basically did all the research for her, she had thrown away her work-in-progress notes and started her work on the unique psychometric tool. Several years later famous test MBTI (Meyer Briggs Type Indicator) came into the light and started its journey in the US and then conquered Europe and central Asia.

Nowadays, the MBTI test is one of the most widely used and practiced personality type test that allows HR managers and psychologists to split people in several groups based on the following characteristics:

  • Perception style (thinking or feeling).
  • Extrovert or introvert.
  • Learning style (senses or intuition).
  • Communication style (perceiving or judging).

Based on this segmentation, HR managers and ordinary people in the same team can analyze the capabilities and psychometrical data about each other in order to make work and interaction within the working environment or any other type of team activities more effective. A lot of different organizations use the MBTI as the guidance and motivation tool within the corporate structure and the test has proven to reflect realistic assumptions and received very positive feedback in various cultures and countries.

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