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Essay on Peace

One of experiments that I like to do is to ask kids what they think about some particular subject. Their opinions are pure and not yet loaded with emotions, experiences and conclusions that drive the decisions and cognition of an adult person. With their world and naive definitions we can learn about initial and, probably, most proper definition of the notions.

Today I would like to talk about the meaning of the word “peace”. Peace from the perspective of those who will be fully or partially responsible for the development of this notion in next generation. I asked my cousin about his vision and understanding of the word and received the following reply:

“Peace is when my parents do not argue and we all go to the park. I usually get everything I want and my parents are smiling a lot!”

My son told me the following: “Peace is when there is no war. People live in harmony with animals and each other!”

There is nothing else, from my point of view, that could make these two definitions better or complete. Peace from the perspective of an individual and peace as a state of nature and society. If we are trying to add, complete or argue the meaning of peace, we just try to complicate and create ladder of inference to the subjective vision of very objective and clear attribute of our life.

Peace is a necessary element of our being. When we do not have it, we hunt for it, using various tools and methods that sometimes create chain reaction and actually contribute towards development of peace-hostile environment. The main reasons for it is, perhaps, the fact that each of us, adults, sees peace is something very specific and concrete and would only accept it in the shape and form they want it to be.

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