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Essay on Overpopulation

Overpopulation is when people have to queue and wait to complete basic tasks and fulfill basic requirements for their life. In more scientific terms, overpopulation means the state of development and growth of population when carrying capacity is proportionally less than the number of inhabitants. However you name it, but overpopulation is definitely not a welcoming occurrence in demographical and economic terms.

It is not a secret that overpopulation is evidenced more often in underdeveloped or developing countries, such as India, China and Indonesia. The causes of overpopulation have different nature, but in the majority of cases it is the result of cultural and religious aspects along with weak economic levels that would set the limit on the demographic growth of the population. Sometimes we can clearly see that socioeconomic status becomes a distinguishing characteristic of the occurrence and China is one of the evident examples of this case. Lack of education and awareness of the consequences of irrational parental decisions have led to real and serious problem of demographic boom in China and made the government take urgent measures to stop the population growth.

Another example is India, where the situation is different in terms of variety of the demographic population split. One of the research done in order to identify trends and factors that determine overpopulation in India, made several conclusions that help to understand the role of socioeconomic status on the size of the family. While high class representatives have on average one or maximum two children, low class and middle class Indian people have five. The trend is determined by educational level and weaknesses of the health insurance system.

Overpopulation is not purely caused by the factors described above, as they are only organic growth determinants. On the other side of the demographic growth there is inorganic development mainly represented by migration and immigration of the population. Both factors together create significant threat to the developed (inorganic growth) and developing countries (organic growth) and governments start to give more and more attention to developing of the policies and techniques that would put overpopulation under control.

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