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The myth about legendary Oedipus and the expression “Oedipus complex” is familiar to many people from their studies at school, dedicated to the ancient Greek history that is full of thought-provoking myths and stories. Oedipus was a mythical Greek leader of Thebus, whose parents abandoned him in order to avoid the fulfillment of the prophecy that said that their newborn son would kill his father and marry his own mother. Left with the servant who was ordered to abandon the child, but saved the life of the boy, Oedipus grew up and left his family to find his real parents and the story tells about his adventures and death. It was retold so many times and in so many versions due to the fact that it was never written and was further adopted by Sigmund Freud to name the occurrence of the psychological desire for the parent of an opposite sex.
The topic was first discussed and introduced by Sigmund Freud and further developed by his followers into a theory of causes and key elements and determinants of the human sexual nature and behavior. Sigmund Freud gave completely different spin to one of the many Greek myths and presented the Oedipus legend with new parallel life in the scientific world.
Whether for good or bad, but Oedipus Complex is one of the major subjects in the theory of sexuality and family relationships. One of the interesting elements currently widely discussed about Oedipus complex in scientific and philosophical circles is the notion of super-ego that becomes central in the development of sexual desire for own parent. This theory has its supporters and opposition. On the other side of this belief is the effect of social and environmental factors on the development of a child. Imbalanced and unhealthy relationships in the family develop Oedipus complex that has no pre-condition in the inter-ego of the child.

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