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Nature Is Our Friend

Since ancient time people and nature were closely interrelated, primitive people were totally dependent on the environment. Without total understanding of the essence of occurring natural phenomena people considered them to be gods and some sacred beings. For example, fire, water, earth, trees, air, lightning and thunder were believed to be deities.

As time passed by human beings not only won their place among other tribes, but also tried to subordinate the nature.

The question of interaction with the environment is relevant today as well. Having proclaimed ourselves kings over all living beings, we completely forget that we are a part of nature, the crown of its creations. We continue to behave very aggressively towards nature instead of being grateful.

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It’s not a secret what detrimental impact human activities have on environment. Our consumer’s attitude towards the treasures of the planet can be really disastrous. Huge areas of forests are cut down every day. Since forests are “the lungs” of the planet, their destruction leads to a decrease and even disappearance of various species of animals and plants. Tons of wastes are discharged into water, and it becomes dangerous to swim in and to drink.

The air is poisoned by millions of vehicles as well as toxic emissions from numerous factories. Thousands of cities all over the world are covered with smog to such an extent that it is difficult to breathe.

It seems that everyone forget about the...

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