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Essay on My Ambition in Life

When I was small, I was dreaming to become a president. Later on I decided that I would like to be a businessman and I would build a big shop where kids would be able to find everything they needed so as their dreams would come true. My parents were always smiling at me, charmed by my high ambitions in life. While growing, I started to form more definite picture of my future and was almost sure that I want to be a diplomat.

When I turned twenty and started to work at a company, I clearly new that I would love to be a senior manager and would like to have accelerated professional development and have international career. I had very high ambitions that are so much loved by HR and line managers. Time was passing and I started to catch myself on the thought that I started to re-evaluate my personal values and my ambitions had different pace. I am a manager and I have some potential to grow further, but I do not dream any more to fly that high in the career development.

For better or for worse, my major ambition became spending time in the family circle. Is it some kind of digression in my ambitions? I even started to…

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