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Essay on Motivation

Essay on Motivation

With the development of business relationships and growth of economics, the role of motivation becomes more and more important for employment relations as well as personalities and skills of employees in the complex business environment. Scale of business calls for immediate actions in introducing various intangible tools to motivate employees and increase their retention rate. Taking this into account, the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Management are growing and require HR specialists to develop additional motivation and human capital skills.

Among the most recent motivation techniques that are adapted by large international organizations there is access to online and face-to-face training and opportunity to develop personally and professionally in the way particular employee feels suits him best. Another motivation tool that has long history is the Employee Assistance Programs. This tool has gone through a series of transformations from enforcement mechanism to a strong qualifier of a good human resource management. Today, employees are not looking for simple financial reward, but look at the values and corporate culture of the companies that are highly promoted by the organizations themselves.

Motivation is an essential measurement of performance not only in a workplace, but also in the academic world and family relationships. Each of us has internal and external motivation tools. While our internal motivation has more consistent nature, we cannot control the external environment and, consequently, will be influenced by various factors that will result in increased or reduced motivation. In order to keep motivation level high, individual should have a…

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