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Essay on Morals

What is moral and what is immoral? Perhaps, no one can give a definite answer. The morality is as flexible as opinions of people, who talk about it. The origin of the word “moral” comes from Latin and initially means the lesson that is learned from the legend, story or experience of an individual. A lot of people would argue that the purpose of the literature is morals, or in other words, lesson that reader can take from it.

Literature is one of the major sources of information and, in contrast with TV or other media sources, it has more intimate relation with its reader, as it gives moral lesson without any external and additional effects that may influence the decision or interpretation of the moral of the story.

Some other sources and attempts to bring morality into unified stream among people are the lessons of religion and various proverbs that have their roots in old history and cultural development of the communities and nations. These small pieces of writing are impressively strong and serve as effective methods to bring the notion of moral into our daily life. We will not remember the author of the book or the names of the characters, but we do, generally, pick up some strong and sound ideas. These ideas build up our understanding and vision of external world and, consequently, our moral maturity.

Moral is a great tool to control and monitor values and behavior in big societies, as it has much bigger power and influence over individuals, than laws and regulations that come as an obligation. Moral is presented to us as a freedom of choice and, therefore, is more welcome in our life and has more sustainable role in our minds.

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