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Essay on Mobile Phones

The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) during the last decade gained speed, owing to which the modern society can benefit from various solutions in businesses and personal life. The role of Internet and smart phones has gone through the transition from luxury product available to a limited number of industries to the daily means of communication. Now, when buying a mobile phone, we are not looking for simply a mobile communication device, but choose it by additional functions incorporated in the cell, such as Internet access, MS Office, ease of operation and other options that previously did not create competitive advantage.

Modern mobile phone producers differentiate themselves by price and sim card contracts, as well as additional services that include music, SMS and Internet packages. Just a decade ago we got to know about the possibilities of mobile connection, and today we adopted mobile phones as one of the major communication tool. According to the survey, conducted by the International Association for the Wireless Communication (CTIA) on the usage of the mobile phones, 57% of teenagers consider mobile phone as one of the main tools to maintain and develop their social network. 43% of the respondents use SMS on a daily basis and evaluate the device among top ten necessary attributes of their daily life.

What is the impact of mobile phones on the humanity, is it…

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