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Essay on Memory

Essay on Memory

What is our memory? It is extremely complex and self-sustaining mechanism that allows our organism to store, recall and extract the information that was inputted there at some point of time. Some of us have better or worse memory, but we all operate and build our personality based on the memories we have. It is impressive, if you think about it, how our memory works and what types of memory each of us has.

Did you ever hear an expression: “you have short memory”? In practice, it means that your ability to store information is less flexible than this capacity is in other person’s memory. It does not, necessarily mean, though, that you have a bad memory. People with “short” memory, usually are able to perceive much more information and store it in their mind for short time, than those who have “long memory”. Short memory is extremely useful in educational processes, as it helps you to absorb large amount of information in short period of time and further sort it in accordance to its importance and your individual interests.

Sometimes we also talk about sensor and visual memory that actually describes the way we best perceive information. Some people have to…

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