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Leadership: A Privilege or an Unenviable Fate?

Since our childhood parents have been encouraging us to do our best in whatever activity we try out. We are taught that excellence and leadership are synonyms to success. Being a leader, undoubtedly, goes hand in hand with a variety of bonuses, but is it really all cakes and ale?

On the one hand, being a leader is exciting because of the prestige and power, not to mention, the financial side. If we talk about leaders on a large scale, i.e. heads of the countries, they are able to influence lives of millions of people and change them for the good. The mere thought about it gives you enormous sense of achievement. Moreover, being a leader can help you to go down in history. The decisions you take will remain forever in history books and in people’s memory.

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On the other hand, power always means responsibility. Therefore, most leaders live under constant stress and pressure, as they take far-reaching decisions every day and need to be sure their solutions will not have negative consequences. Moreover, being a leader deprives you of privacy. You are always in the public eye, as every your move is scrutinised by the media. Besides, country leaders and their families have to be constantly surrounded by body guards, as they can easily become a target for terrorists or power-hungry rivals.

All in all, leadership appears to be very rewarding. At the same time, it entails certain risks and responsibilities. If you are eager to become a leader, you should realize what you will have to sacrifice for the sake of your career and ask yourself if it is worth it or not.

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