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Essay on Identity

Essay on Identity

Every person is unique and one of a kind. All of us possess qualities that differentiate us from other human beings. These distinguishing features could be more or less highlighted in appearance, mindset or capabilities, but they will always persist and determine the nature of our personality. Life is full of identities – personal, social and professional. In social science identity is the way to describe individual conceptualization and personalization of objective elements of reality. In philosophy identity plays wider role and according to one of the first philosophers specifically interested in writing on identity, Erik Erikson, it is the continuation of ego and the way of distinction among psychological senses.

It is always interesting to know and look a bit deeper into the origins of our identity and main factors that determine our individual line of behavior and actions. First of all, I would like to highlight the importance of the first years of life and the way our society and family in particular influence the construction of our perception, beliefs and psychics. When starting our life, we absorb information like a sponge and tend to take behavioral and emotional patterns form our parents for granted as the only truth available for us. These first years of our life become critically important in further evolution and development of our personality, as they affect the way we perceive the information from wider range of sources on the way to adulthood.

Along with the growth, we increase the scope of our influence by going to school, sport sections, widening our social network in face-to-face discussions and through virtual and mobile devices. All these elements create our identity and today’s generation has even more…

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