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Real Friendship

Dictionaries provide many definitions of friendship but there is no common definition because everyone understands this phenomenon in his or her own way.

To my mind friendship can be compared to a tree. First of all, the seed of friendship should get into good soil and then, under special conditions, it will grow into a strong tree. Year after year this tree will become stronger and stronger: its roots will go deeper and deeper into the ground. And if the tree of friendship is strong enough it will survive any gale or windstorm. But it is possible only if both of the friends take care about the tree.

In my opinion to be friends means to be close to each other, i.e. to be like siblings. A friend is a person who will never leave you when you are in trouble, who will be next to you in a difficult situation, who will be eager to help you if you need it, who will lend you a hand and whom you can freely tell about your problems, thoughts and feelings. Real friendship is a gift of the God because not all the people are able to experience it. I’m a lucky person because I have a true friend who makes my life brighter, more interesting and enjoyable. I highly appreciate our friendship and cherish it. We are friends for more than 10 years and sometimes it seems that my friend knows me better than I do; she understands what I’m going to say before I say it and reads my thoughts by facial expression. She is a true friend and I know that she will never let me down. That is my understanding of a true friendship.

I’m definitely sure that people who have real friends are lucky ones and they have to bend every effort to save this friendship till the end of their life.

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