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Free Will

The world is full of constraints and it is challenging to manage freedom due to the fact that people, seeking for their rights and making decisions, tend to forget about and set constraints to the free will of others. Science defines free will as an ability to make decisions, not limited by any external factors. We can understand free will from the perspective of religion, science, philosophy and ethics. Irrespectively of our choice in regards to the view on free will, we will be able to observe strong discrepancies between the position of determinism and libertarianism.

Determinism defines free will by stating that all the future events are somehow derived from the state of nature and occurrences in the past.Libertarianism, on the other hand, believes that determinism is not the major factor in the free will and agrees with the pre-conditional aspects of determinism only in regards to the physical elements of the subject.

Apart from these two major positions, theories about free will have developed and progressed among supporters of incompatibilism and compatibilism. These theories completely deny existence of any determination for free will, but lack in ground arguments to support their hypotheses.

When one decides to understand and go deeper in details about the concept of free will, may find oneself lost in the variety and number of theories that consider this element of our lives. In fact, free will is just the way to express individual point of view or position on existing fact without being limited by any kind of external impact. As the major question of free will is as to what choice to make between available options and what responsibility it will imply on the individual that makes his choice, free will a priori involves the question of its moral limitation.

Free will created the ground for the discussion and analysis of the meaning of freedom as a whole in the history and in modern society, and understanding of the roots of this topic as fundamental for the development of freedom concept.

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