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Essay on Euthanasia: Mercy Killing

Mankind has demonstrated his innovativeness potential throughout the history. This has undoubtedly been shown in the sphere of scientific techniques which have been so helpful due to their productivity. Similarly, mankind has put enormous efforts in the endeavor to preserve nature through the formulation of holistic philosophical, political and social policies that protects and prevents the destruction or degradation of floral and faunal elements from any kind of activity. However, the protection or barring the deprivation of human life as part of the faunal elements has been the most sophisticated issue that man has ever handled especially when this is based on euthanasia or “mercy killing” as it’s normally referred to.

For many decades euthanasia had been an issue that has raised a heated debate, thus, at one time almost segmenting the global community due to the differences of their opinions, believe or stance on the matter. Overtly, euthanasia takes too distinctive forms as revealed in their debates: the self and assisted clemency murder. Though there is none of the two which is unanimously been accepted by the world’s community, the aided murder has all along been the most detestable and also highly controversial one. This is affirmed by the enigma of resistance both from various religious denominations of Christianity including the Catholic and Protestants arrays, the lobby groups like human rights organizations as well as political bodies under the obligation of policy formulation and implementation. The religious bodies stick to the opinion that the application of euthanasia is misuse of the creature as a property of God and this dents the responsibility and purpose of the creator. Resistances of the employment of euthanasia from the other fields of political and lobby groups are engineered and entrenched under the arrays of national policies such as the right to live.

As the rising trend of stresses or human pressures gains a new momentum, men life ought to be protected and preserved using all forms of tools or means. However, with the penetration of euthanasia in some regions or nations including Australia, human lives appear to be endangered and more vulnerable to destruction. Thus, there is this need for all parties involved in protecting life to maintain the pristine early religious believes, especially in the sector of medical practices, where euthanasia compromises its role and responsibilities scripted in the moral and ethical codes.

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