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Essay on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Form of Juvenile Delinquency

Domestic violence is also known as abuse within close social environment and one of the major elements that result in juvenile delinquency. What are the effects of the family on juvenile delinquency issue and how society can reduce the growth or even eliminate the cases of delinquency among young population? This question, in spite of several research and scientific analytic studies, still remains significantly underdeveloped.

One of the major hypotheses in regards to the cases of juvenile delinquency is the crucial role of dysfunctional families on the development and promotion of this occurrence in the modern society. There are several situations even in regular families when children can become victims of anti-social behavior and adopt these practices in the conceptualized behavior. One of the major problems consists in the family communication in the middle and low class families. Due to the lack of time, children in such families often do not receive required control and attention and, therefore, look for the example and attention in the streets. Another negative influence is a criminal history of one of the family members that, inevitably, serves as an example of reflective and “mirror” behavior to the younger family members.

Communication is the major element of healthy family relations. It is built on several aspects: control, information flow, advice and conflict. It is essential that communication in all the four pillars is healthy and balanced. As soon as one of the elements faces dysfunctional behavior, family relations fall under risk as a mechanism of development and education of a child.

Modern society with its variety of social and cultural levels, unfortunately, cannot avoid the cases where families suffer from dysfunctional patterns. Only with decent control and help to these families the society wil…

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