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Democracy and Freedom

Democracy is the way of managing relationships and organizational structure of governments or smaller communities and institutions by providing power of choice and decision to people. We value democracy for the freedom of choice and thought that its values and standards provide us with in theory. Some of the strongest and most sustainable democracies, such as the USA and the majority of European countries, are based on the belief that the individual is free until his freedom does not limit the freedom of people who live in the same community or social circle with him.

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that a lot of efforts have been put in the creation of real democratic institutions and many measures have been taken in order to ensure that we are given this freedom, the system was never ideal. Democracy is limited by the individuals as soon as it comes to the conflict of beliefs and general concepts of the society. Our mind and mentality create boundaries for development and maintaining of all the aspects of real democratic state. Treatment of minorities in various situations and different countries is one of the bright examples of breaching the values of liberty brought to light by democracy.

Can ideal democracy be reached? This question is widely discussed and debated within political, social and economic circles and the history shows that this objective is unachievable. It is also obvious that in order to achieve freedom and change existing structure, governments should dictate the society new values and standards that, by itself, contradicts the understanding of freedom. In fact, the major barrier to liberty is ...

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