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Essay on Civil Disobedience

The most important knowledge that one should possess about the law and law obedience is that lack of knowledge of law does not exempt individual from the liability for the actions that were conducted breaking or undermining the meaning of the order and official command of the government. Very often juvenile criminality and misbehavior are to some level determined by lack of responsibility and understanding of the legal consequences and punishment that this behavior can cause.

One of the interesting works written on civil disobedience by Henry Thoreau compares civil disobedience with venerated architectural landmark. The author looks at civil disobedience as one of the historical facts and attributes of the behavior that, for better or worse, made a significant contribution to the progress and morality of the human beings. Thoreau is a sound name in the theoretical circles that look at the social science and the role of civil disobedience in the community.

Some of the theories have an objective to analyze the limits and acceptance of civil disobedience. These theories look at the hypothesis that civil disobedience is justified to a certain level and aim at understanding and finding arguments in favor of this hypothesis. Whether to support it or not is the decision that is made only by us. It is crucial, though, to understand that limitations in regards to law obedience are also essential for building stable democratic and liberal society. The question is how law should treat people disobeying it due to their age and other socioeconomic factors that can influence their actions.

Civil disobedience is the reality in the vast majority of countries irrespectively of their status on the international arena and level of economic development. People break law for different reasons and in many cases it is the choice of moral. I would still, however, question the role and effectiveness of the law in regards of providing people with the opportunity to find legal ways to survive when it comes to the discussion about committing crimes for survival.

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