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Essay on Child Labour

Child labor is the employment of children under age for sustained job. In the majority of countries it is considered an illegal practice and international organizations make consistent attempts to protect kids from exploitation in some developing and poor countries, where child labor is still a common practice. This topic is one of the core concerns that UNICEF is looking at in the scale of the last campaign called “End Child Labor” and held in the United Kingdom. According to the statistics, published by the UNICEF, as of today more than ten million children around the world are involved in labor relations.

The campaign talks openly about children sexual abuse and exploitation at work and raises the problem of increase of the child labor cases number with new power to the international community by providing shocking data on the scale of this occurrence. One of the unique characteristics of the report is the survey conducted among the UK children and revealing of the number and scale of children labor in this developed country. Primary questions that the research is looking at are based on finding the reasons for children decision to seek for job and the reasons why child labor is so attractive for employers. There are various reasons why children start working, but need for additional income in the family and the desire to achieve financial independence are the major ones.

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For the employers the reason is simple – children labor is cheap and easily controllable. Stopping child labor is one of the priorities of international organization and local governments. In the developed countries the situation very often goes out of control due to the fact that children work longer hours and in more unsafe environment, than it is allowed by law. In poor countries the situation is more severe, as there are no mechanisms and tools in place that can prevent child labor and provide families with financial stability.

Alongside efforts of the international organization, such as UNICEF, that attempt to…

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