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My Best Friend

My best friend is the one I love the most, trust the most and sometimes hate the most. Why hate? Because only my best friend can put me out of my temper like no one else, as nobody knows me so well and has full respect. I strongly believe that friendship is one of these difficult jobs that all of us are sometimes too weak to perform. My best friend have known me for already more than ten years and with all this baggage of knowledge and experience that we had together, he probably got somewhat bored with me. It is interesting to track the evolution of the relationships and its type during the years. We started our friendship as companions for games and children activities. Then we started to share some of more mature views and interests, such as sports and travelling, science and technology. We even thought that we will always share our life paths and be close to each other because we had so much fun together.

Today we live in different cities, different countries, he is dealing with art and I am dealing with science. We have families and call each other every second week, meeting probably once a year. Is it a real friendship? Someone can say “yes”, others would disagree. What I am sure about is that...

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