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I used to pass by State Architecture University every morning on the way to my office and one of the interesting observations that built up on some of my beliefs about architecture and those who are involved in this sphere is the fact that all the students were very different in their style, manners and logic. It was really interesting to observe the crowd next to the main entrance to the university, as all people were unique and everything spoke about their own character, clothes, way of speaking and pace of life. Maybe I was just charmed or looking for something more than the others and many people may disagree with me and claim that architecture as a speciality does not affect personalities. I, however, believe that architecture is a different way of seeing life.

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When talking about art in terms of architecture I immediately recall a picture of Barcelona with this air and character of Gaudi buildings that charm generations after generations and still remain absolutely unique architectural composition in the world. Looking at these buildings I simply cannot believe that they could be created with logical and rational mind, similar to the majority of us. Travelling generates more and more questions in my mind. I understand that architecture is also the product of culture, economic requirements and tastes. But what makes the buildings stand out from the general ensemble of the city or even county is the architecture. If we are impressed, surprised or embarrassed by this building is another question. What we agree with is that it definitely does not look simple and the one who projected it should have had different from us vision of the world.

Architecture is the world of creativity and innovation. For me it is the way to show how people see life. Every dimension and shape in architecture means something and these meanings vary from culture to culture, from time to time and from city to city. Just enjoy it!

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