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Essay on Animal Cruelty

Spain is the place, where people know how to enjoy life. Feira, siesta and many other traditional ways of saving your time for pleasure and family became essential parts of daily life and went deeply into traditions and expectations of the generations. Cultural values and moral were developed throughout the years and centuries of country history and we always have a lot to say in favour of traditions and culture of this country.

Some of the habits and moral elements of the society, however, stand aside and make people think about how the history and education can affect fundamental ethical questions and perception on a country and community level. One of the major negative impressions that I ever had from Spain is the attitude towards animals and impressive cruelty with which people can treat other living species. Cruelty to animals, from my perspective, is in the history and traditions of the country, it can be seen through national love to such entertainment as corrida and related activities.

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One observation, however, I will never forget – pony carrousel. South Spain, fairy show and a lot of people enjoying their time on the streets of Malaga. I look through the crowd, surrounding some attraction and see the carrousel with ponies. Live ponies that for ten hours go round with the kids on their backs. Exhausted and hungry, being pushed by the owner, they try to survive on this carrousel of life for them and amusement for all the others. What impressed me the most is the queue of kids that were standing there with their parents waiting to take a ride.

Animal cruelty is the major problem in our society, as we often forget about our role in the nature as just another kind of animal and another live creature. We for some reason, or with lack of it, forgot about the meaning of existence of feelings and equality in the laws of nature. What if the owners of this carrousel were…

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