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Abortion: Murder or Right for Freedom?

Abortion is an issue that arouses strong emotions and discussions in society. How should we treat abortion: as a murder of an unborn child or as a woman’s right for freedom of choice? The topic of abortion is not only the moral issue but constitutional as well.

Nowadays abortions are legalized and recognized as basic human right for freedom of choice in many countries. Legalization of abortions has saved a lot of lives because illegal abortions lead to unprofessional surgical interference that sometimes may be dangerous. But on the other hand, legalization has brought a new wave of social disputes, mostly religious ones: abortion is considered to be a murder of unborn child. So how should we treat an abortion?

Conservative writer Mona Charen stated the following: “A woman has certainly the right to choose whether to be or not to be pregnant. She makes this choice before engaging herself in sex”.

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But if pregnancy is undesirable and woman has children already; does anybody has the right to tell her that she must bear responsibility? Does woman has the right for abortion in case of rape or incest? The answer is far from being easy. Children are innocent by definition; they are not responsible for mistakes of their parents. But from the legal point of view any woman has her constitutional right for freedom, i.e. the right not to assume the new responsibility. And in this case the problem will be transferred from moral and constitutional to governmental one. If governmental policy pursues growth of population and reduction of abortions, internal policy should thus support upbringing of children and give financial support to families and single mothers who decide to leave the baby.

One more problem is pregnancy among teenagers. The latter are not allowed to take decisions in such issues as abortion. In modern society teenagers have a lot of rights, but parents should govern child’s interests in such cases.

Finally, let’s take into account the issue of moral principles. If the society supports moral behavior backed up by religion and government facilitates the birthrate, debates about abortion will vanish by itself.

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