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Essay on Abjection

As much as people try to be objective and understand each other, we still tend to turn all the objective realities into personal conclusions and observations. Based on these observations we build up our individual ladders of interference and sometimes can fall into misjudgment and even abjection. The term “abjection” in critical literature means the attitude that creates and builds low and downcast groups. Such groups include minorities in terms of interests, ethnical background, disabilities and other segments of social split that do not reflect the state of population.

Personal judgment very often can be misleading and incorrect, as it is usually based on emotions and feelings, rather than on logic and reasoning. When living and working in a society, especially very diverse and multicultural, abjection can become a real and possible threat for those, who are not ready for these realities and differences.

In such cases it is important to remember the following (for both those who evidence abject and abject themselves):

  • What you believe is not the only truth.
  • Your culture does not dictate the line of behavior that is necessarily true for people from other cultural backgrounds.
  • Your opinion is based on your knowledge and experience. Other people have different skills and knowledge.
  • Variety makes life interesting.

I strongly believe that if each of us learns how to apply these rules on a daily basis in all types of communication, we will be able to avoid, or at least minimize, negative effect of abjection that ruins society and generates such unfortunate occurrences as racism, minority discrimination and anti-social criminal behavior.

Abjection is a disease in our own body. People beset by abjection are isolated from the society and have limited opportunities. Abjection is the state of degradation and modern science addresses it with a lot of attention.

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