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Descriptive Essay About People

Often, I like to look intently into people’s faces and try to guess what their thoughts are and what they are engaged in.

I travel in a subway and see a high fellow with strong muscles and I think to myself that he must be a sportsman. It is easy to play basket-ball or volley-ball with his height. Anyway, at one of the stations his friend joined him and I understood from their conversation that this guy was a figure skater. OK, I am not a specialist in guessing professions, but I was right in the fact that he was involved in some kind of sport. It is even better that he appeared to be a figure skater. I imagine his professional ice skating and almost see how easily he lifts his dance girl.

So, why did I think that he is a good sportsman? He has a frank and bright look in the eyes, he looks confident and attractive. Dimples on his cheeks decorate the face, especially when he smiles. The ability to laugh so sincerely talks shows his kindness and honesty. He is young, happy and busy at what he does. Good for him.

There are so many people in the streets and all of them have their own lifestyles, professions, hobbies, likes and dislike. Each of them has some story under their belts, which is interesting and unique. Someone has achieved a lot due to hard work and proficient skills. Others have a lot of problems and are always serious thinking how to solve them.

As for me, I think that I look positive and this is the best way to behave. I always try to smile and see the bright side in everything that surrounds me. I am sure that with such attitude to life I will achieve a lot.

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