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Definition Essay on Bad Habits and Addiction

The problem of addiction is an issue of realization. Somebody considers that to drink a glass of beer at the end of the day brings no more harm than to eat a piece of cake. It is tasty, helps to relax and forget problems of the tense day. Others regard it as a usual habit, equating it with anticipation, expectation or even thirst. But there are others, who need to drain half bottle of whiskey in the evening to feel comfortable.

If you ask the latter ones whether they consider themselves alcoholics, you will hear the definite answer “No!” But are they addicted? Yes, because in this case their necessity transformed from the phase of anticipation to chemical addiction. They have to take a daily dose of alcohol to feel comfortable. Besides, there is also an aspect of psychological addiction.

Most bad habits develop in the case when a man does not worry about tomorrow, but not because he is carefree, but because conditions of his life are such, that prospects seem very indefinite. Except pleasant taste or sensations, a person seeks for possibilities of escaping problems. Of course, alcohol doesn’t solve any issues, but creates even more.

In order to understand reasons of bad habits as phenomena, it is necessary to analyze the common behavioral patterns of people. Not everybody will have courage to collect themselves and overcome difficulties. If the person is criticized for his/her bad habits, it doesn’t usually bring any benefit.

At consideration of tendency of addiction evolution, it is necessary to take into account all the aspects of life. As any other phenomena of life, bad habits are neither good nor bad unambiguously, and must be considered in a context. Thus, the ways of this problem’s solution should also be complex and involve all the levels of its manifestation.

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