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Community Service Essay

Community service is the kind of service that individual or a group of volunteers perform for the benefits of their local or any other community. When we are young, we are often facilitated by our community leaders to participate and contribute to the development of community services, such as taking care of vegetation, help elderly and disabled people, recycling and garbage disposal.

Community service can be very different and in various countries and cultures this type of work can vary according to the development level and immediate needs of the society. One of the major segment of community service contributors are NGOs (non for profit organizations) that are taking care of one or several particular segments of the community needs. Some of the examples of NGOs are the organizations that provide free education for children from families with low income, pet protection and care societies, NGOs that provide shelter and food to homeless people and, finally, those organizations that promote recycling across their area of responsibility.

While from the first glimpse it may seem that community service is tedious and, at times, boring work, I strongly believe that it is a false impression. Community service and involvement in the initiatives provides you with opportunities to see the results and fruits of the work you have been doing for the community. Job in community sector is very much driven by motivation of people and their abilities to involve and pass over their enthusiasm to other people.

Another element of community service is…

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