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When I was studying at school, which was not that long time ago, my teacher came to the class and announced the topic that was not in the general program of the school curriculum and he wrote on the blackboard: “Cloning”. It was a new and strange word that immediately created a chain of mysteries in my mind. At the end of the class we were looking at the teacher with the mixture of doubt and curiosity and further discussed the fact that scientists started to experiment with non-live objects to understand the nature and ability to produce genetically similar or identical elements through cloning.

Who could believe that even in this respect science will go that far and, what is even more impressive, that fast? Today we read and talk about human cloning and even discuss ethical and moral components of it. Everyone knows the story of the sheep Dolly that laid foundation for ethical discussions around cloning. We do not learn simply about cloning, but about types of cloning, such reproduction cloning, therapeutic cloning and recombinant DNA.

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One of the most debated topics in the modern science is the possibility and ethical implication of the cloning of the organs for transplantation. Even though the science still has to go a long way before we can reach this stage of cloning development, theorists already made their judgement on the benefits and disadvantages of this possibility.

The potential of the cloning technologies is difficult to underestimate, as they can play a tremendous role in the development of the medical health system, genetic engineering and other related studies. There are various opinions of use and drawbacks of cloning and I can see some of the negative elements and understand the concerns around this topic. The advantages, however, significantly overweight the downsides. The fact that we will be able to turn the process of nature destruction back and, probably, save some of the endangered species, by itself covers and justifies the majority of possible negative influences.

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