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Argumentative Essay on School Uniforms

School uniform is very popular nowadays and in many countries it is a common requirement of the school education. The variety of school uniforms is enormous and in the majority of cases each school has its specific unique uniform that becomes one of the differentiators of the educational system.

First school uniform as an idea about standardization of the educational institutions outfit takes its roots back to the nineteenth century. From the first day of its existence it had social alignment and discipline as a core of its concept. There are several countries that have adopted uniform on the country level, such as Brazil, Argentina, China, Canada, Italy, Israel, etc. In other countries we can evidence a trend among individual states, regions, cities or even schools to switch from free way of dressing to the school uniform.

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There are as many opinions about the necessity, harm or benefit of the school uniforms as there are types, styles and varieties of it. It is difficult to come to the compromise considering the advantages and disadvantages of standardized approach to the student. One could, probably, highlight an obvious advantage – alignment and avoidance of social conflicts in school that can be generated on the basis of the families’ wealth. By implementing school uniforms, schools avoid conflicts and discrimination of particular students. On the other hand...

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