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Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

Availability of guns on the consumer’s market is one of the greatest concerns of the authorities in different countries. While some of them apply general policy not allowing guns for private use, others choose to apply selective policy and make the guns available for a particular public segment. Previous experience with the inflow of the weapons and specifically guns on the private consumer market has identified the direction in which this aspect of defense and safety policy would evolve. Some of the actual practices have shown natural threat that guns can create should they be used by wrong category of the consumers.

It is obvious that gun is not a mass product and manufacturing. Thus, sales and control should be a priority of the governments and societies, as well as individuals that possess it. There is an interesting documentary prepared by Michael Moore in 2002, “Bowling for Columbine” that addresses the issue of gun usage in the USA, when it first became available to the public. He provides an example of a person, who opens a bank account and receives a gun as an additional value for his purchase. Further, the author talks about the well-known shooting in the Columbine School and two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who organized the massacre.

Once guns were created, the humanity started to...

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