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Analytical Essay on a Poem

The analytical essay is one of the most complicated types of essays you need to write while studying. In every academic field you will be asked to write at least one analytical essay. Moreover, students who plan to become professionals will receive such assignments regularly.

For English classes it is typical task to write an analytical essay on a poem. This assignment assumes analysis of all parts of a poem in order to explain how the author transfers the meaning to the reader. So, the main purpose of your work will be the description and comparison of the tools used by the author in different parts of the poem, the connection between the parts and how this relation produces the entire meaning of writing.

Throughout your work you give to your reader the explanation of something. When the explanation is accomplished you start to interpret the data brought. And this interpretation is the main point for your analysis. It should explain the relationship between the analysis you performed and the meaning of the poem that you are analyzing.

All the time you should keep in mind that you need to argue some specific statement. How to do it? Use the following tips:

  • Try to create a text-based argument to better defend ideas founded on the text. Use logically valid reasons to support your arguments.
  • Think thoroughly on how you can frame your analysis. Write down the outline and follow it in the process of writing.
  • Try to enjoy the poetry! Maybe it sounds hard, but you will have the chance to co-create meaning together with the author.

You need to make your own special comment about the poem. Your specific attitude is the thesis. To make argument credible, you need to see how the poem works: to analyze the genre, themes, poetic techniques, figures of speech and so on.

While writing your analytical essay, don’t forget to follow classic academic rules considering the essay structure.

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