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An Inspector Calls Essay

Sometimes even a glance can change someone’s life, not to mention our actions. Unfortunately, even now wealthy people strongly suppose that they have more rights and power than the lower-class members of society, but at the beginning of the 20th century this gap was even wider.

The three-act thought-provoking drama “An Inspector Calls” by J.B Priestly tells us a story about irresponsibility, lack of real trust and sincerity in the relations of people, especially if they belong to different social layers.

At the beginning of the play Arthur Birling, a wealthy mill owner, teaches the representatives of younger generation of his own family and his future son-in-law, Gerald, that a man must think only about his own interests and act accordingly. Then, after the appearance of a mysterious police inspector, all characters find out that a sequence of their actions led to a suicide of a young pregnant woman. Initially they do not even admit that they knew her, but after a short interrogation inspector manages to convince them otherwise and explain their contributions, which together resulted in such a sad ending.

When the inspector went away, a heated discussion burst out in the family. And by the end of the play we can see striking changes in two youngest members of the family – Eric and Sheila who began to judge themselves, parents and Gerald from a new perspective. They feel that they are responsible for other people and society as a whole and want everyone to open their eyes. Nevertheless, the elder generation, as well as Gerald, reject their connection to the girl’s death and are not ashamed of it since they believe that everyone makes their own way in life and it was her choice to die.

With the help of the story Priestly wanted to promote the ideas of socialism and make people understand that we are living in one world, one country and one society and we are responsible for one another. An ocean without drops is nothing; a civilization without people is nonsense.

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