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My Choice of Profession

Marketing always fascinated me by the role and effect it has on the trends and customer’s choice. From my point of view, advertising is the driver of any business. While operations and tactical measures have the main objective to deliver, marketing actually creates these deliverables and objectives and the way these targets determine how successful a business would be.

I prefer to see conceptual picture of the business or process, rather than digging into details that are so much smaller in scale and very fast become irrelevant. Marketing offers me an opportunity to look at the businesses, economics and entrepreneurship strategically and learn a bit about each of the elements that business has on corporate and operational level. The knowledge that one must possess in order to be a good marketing expert involves a wide range of spheres. First, marketing examines operations and supply chain. Second, it is involved in understanding of the international and local market environment. Finally, marketing is a psychology of customer’s and person’s behaviour. The above combination makes me absolutely delighted by the possibility to become a part of the marketing experience and contribute to the development of organizations from marketing perspective.

Another element of marketing is its dynamics and ability to stay on top of things even in extremely vulnerable environment and volatile business world. There is nothing more interesting, from my point of view, than being involved in creating values, mission and vision of the company as well as development of the company brand.

When I think about marketing, I imagine people who stand behind such brands like Coca Cola, Carlsberg, IKEA and Wal-mart that managed to bring their brands to immortality by impressive marketing strategies. My objective is to…

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