College Application Essay

My Mission on Earth

What is a mission you are accomplishing on the earth

In the world of rationality and thinking you will rarely find a dreamer and the one who still believes that he or she has a specific mission on this planet. Each of us has his assignment, probably based on the talents we possess when we are born. These talents, however, only guide and hint you on the possible paths you can choose in life, but they, to no extent, limit your life experience.

I also believe that each of us is has a responsibility to grow and take care of his family and I am not an exception. When I look at what could be my destination in this life, I can see myself being satisfied and making people around me content with what I am doing and see physical value in my work. I would like to ensure that whatever I am doing brings physical and tangible values to the society and therefore my job should be close to people. I dream of working with and for people who need help and change their lives or attitude to it. I can achieve this objective by working for Non-profit Organizations and gaining expose in the field of biology. Biology and studies on the natural vegetation have always fascinated me and I believe that in the modern world the questions of preserving nature and reducing damage that people make to it are extremely important and alerting. By bringing new solutions and ideas into this field, I believe that I will be able to create value and help people not only around me, but somewhere very far from here.

My mission in life is to…

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