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What are your long-term career goals

Long-Term Career Plans

At this stage it is very difficult and, probably, unnecessary to strictly define my long-term career plans related to the specific industry. My interest and education, however, helped me to define the scope and, of course, direction, in which I expect to grow and develop further.

Since junior school I was interested in economics. This interest was very biased to Asian countries that I find extremely interesting in regards of economic and historic development. Isolated from the West, countries like China, Japan and Indonesia have developed their unique set of capabilities and views on economics. Studying economic development of these countries and specific examples on micro and macro levels generates particular interest and attracts attention of many students. I decided that rather than looking at these countries superficially and keep admiring some of the practices implemented by individual businesses, such as Toyota and Nissan, or government as a whole, I would focus my attention on the Asian Economics and get more in depth knowledge and understanding of economic trends in these countries.
For the time being, my career objective is to get practical experience working for one of the large Asian companies with long history and strong corporate culture. This experience will help me in a long run to determine the field and sphere of economics I would like to focus on.

My strong believe is that economics is…

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