College Application Essay

How I Have Grown and Developed With Time

How have you grown and developed over the years

We constantly develop and pass influences and impacts on our behavior, and decisions that we make also grow. When I say so, I think about the factors that were important for me when I was a kid before going to school. All my life at that moment of time was built around my family and all the truth and experience was coming from my parents and close relatives. The time passed and my experience deepened along with additional communities, such as school, sports clubs and playground, started to take their place in the hierarchy of the factors that developed my personality over the years.

As a child, I was growing very fast, due to involvement in various activities and initiatives at school and at home. As a teenager, I started to feel independence and my communication with external world started to change its balance from purely collaborative to competitive environment. I started considering the events and opinions, positions and arguments from my own perspective, comparing them with my understanding and cognitive experience. At this age I started to formulate my life position, which made me to summarize my lifestyle into the following concept: “Life is a project and in order to make it work, you should clearly understand not only what you want, but how you will get there!”

Today, I did not change my life position a lot; I just added specific tools and measurements that helped me achieve my intermediate goal. I have defined my long-term career and…

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