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To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

To kill a Mocking Bird is a classic narrative that is anchored within the perimeters of social injustices. Examining the trend of the plot it is paramount to assert that the author have profoundly employed such literary tools as symbolism and imagery to represent his arguments. By means of situational ironies he presents the nature of people who live in the Macomb, an almost dormant town in northern Alabama. This observation is vividly illustrated by the main characters Scout, Jem and Dill. It is through the eyes of these children that the author has managed to paint a glaring picture of racism when a Blackman is hauled into trial for being accused of raping a white woman. Examining the context of the book it would be paramount to argue that the book explores the innate social ills which the society is afraid to grapple with due to diverse social singularities such as racism as well as ethnic hatred. Thus, To kill a mocking bird can be said to be a literary classic story due to its captivating warm as well as satiric and devastating suspense.

As for the social spectrum the author is trying to develop a situation where the society can be tolerant with each other. Despite the fact that some of the characters have exhibited an unacceptable social feelings such racism and social hatred, it is fair to assert that the book have critically touched upon the scope of injustices. No wonder the author accurately examines as well illuminates both sides of the society. Thus, it can be concluded that To kill a mocking bird delves both into the spheres of social appeals for tolerance as well as injustice.

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