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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Brian Robeson is a 13 year old boy who despite swimming in stormy waters of his parents’ divorce finds himself in much harder and challenging situation. Brian was on his way to visit his father in the oil fields in the north of Canada when suddenly the pilot of a Cessna 406 bush-plane collapsed and died of heart attack. Brian, sitting on the co-pilot seat decided to take control over the plane and made attempts to land it safely. Unfortunately the plane crashed into a lake but luckily he managed to survive. Nonetheless he was faced with physical and mental obstacles of the Canadian wilderness. Brian Robeson armed with only hatchet and clothes that his mother gave him when he was leaving for the north of Canada had to think of how to survive in the harsh environment of wilderness. Young as he was and stalked by death, Brian had to accomplish things through trial and error.

The boy was smart and quick-witted enough to know the surrounding and to quickly find the food. In his zeal to overcome the prevailing obstacles he made a bow and arrow but his first bow broke into tiny pieces. Late at night Brian was bitten by mosquitoes and other flies and for the first time he experienced the negative aspects of nature. He thought that the rescue mission would last just few days but that did not happen and this grieved him a lot. To gather strength for survival, Brian remembered one of his English lecturers who taught him to think positively as well as to be on top of things. Nonetheless Brian survived this ordeal after removing out the survival pack and turning on the emergency transmitter thus helping a rescue aircraft to save him.

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