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Organizational readiness to adopt new research implementations

Organizational readiness for change is an issue characterized of construct. Research is subject to change and readiness for change becomes critical at this moment. As a multi-level construct, preparedness for change describes organizational members’ shared resolve to adopt a change. The members also need to have shared belief in form of a culture in their aggregate capability. Organizational inclination to change depends on how much the members value transition and how they value three fundamental measurements of implementation possibility: resource availability, task demands, and situational factors (Barnsteiner et al, 2010). Barnsteiner and his counterparts believe that proper preparation before conducting a research countered with proper understanding of the subject of research is the beginning of reliable and informative research. For example, research on new medical practices must be in line with the culture and alertness for change.

Defect on findings of a given research, attracts inappropriate interpretation (Fink, Thompson, Bonnes, 2005). Therefore, it would be advisable to consider these barriers before executing the results into analysis on the findings. Negative attitude towards a new method of treatment will bar proper utilization of the method in offering quality services in hospitals or other medical centres.

The participants in a research must be prepared with proper understanding of the kind of research they are about to undertake. This acts as motivation towards their task which is likely to bring forth reliable results. Research counters many challenges which requires sober mind in order to solve.

However, these challnegs may be dealt with following proper training of the employees or individuals who are supposed to undertake the research. Sensitization on the importance of preparedness is a critical way of preparing the researchers for a task (Green & Glasgow, 2006).

Cost or financial burden of effective implementation and dissemination of research/evidence-based practice

Conducting research is usually a challenge. This is because it comes along with costs which have to be met by the individuals conductig the research or the sponsors of the research. Initiating a research is usually expensive as it may require alot of money to define the tools that are needed for the study to take place. In the medical field, tools equivalent to the ones used in hospitals may be required. They require alot of money to purchase, lendering research expensive (Straus & Sackett, 1998).

Findings of a research come along with recommendations which are usually difficult to hit. Research may call for installation of a certain medical equipment which must be bought. This means that the organization conducting the research must incur the cost of purchasing the equipment. Feeding it into the minds of the staff that they need the recommended equipment for quality work may be an avenue of developing poor performance if the equipment is not installed immediately (Brownson and jones, 2009).

Therefore, after research findings are developed, it should be made clear what objects are urgent than others to avoid reluctance at work (Straus & Sackett, 1998). Cost minimization should be the aim of any research that is to be conducted.

Contextual Barrier: Problems with research context and applicability of research into practice

Research is defined by its findings since they determine the next step after the required data has been collected. However, they face several challenges when it comes to implementation of the recommendations.

One fo the main challenges that such findings face is rejection of the results of the research. Impacting the society with new medical beliefs becomes a challenge since this is one of the most sensitive environments in human life (Green & Glasgow, 2006). For example, Priority Medical Devices (PMD) of Netherlands cunducted a research on why most medical equipment in the world are not meeting the standard and discovered that it through poor attitude among the developers as well as inadequate information from the individuals who had been assigned to conduct research on the importance of these equipment.

Implemetation of the findings calls for…

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