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Animal Rights Essay

Animal rights are an aspect of the environmental law and an extremely interesting subject to talk about. First of all, because understanding of animal rights vary a lot from country to country. Secondly, we often talk about right or wrong treatment of animals, but do not really understand what the real legal aspects that should be considered in this case are. Many non-for-profit organizations care and try to participate in the animal rights initiatives and spread the knowledge about needs and rights of those, who cannot protect themselves from dominant and often cruel human behaviour. In spite of these efforts, legal interpretation of animal rights and the way we see them are at times two completely different things.

I would like to look at two countries, Armenia, Brazil and the UK and the way these governmental structures and social communities understand and implement animal rights on the example of the homeless dogs. These countries, from my perspective, are ideal to compare and contrast as for the levels of

Bermuda Triangle Essay

Bermuda Triangle is widely known as the Devil’s Triangle and the place where mysterious and unpredictable events make people believe in the strength and power nature still has over its inhabitants. These beliefs and live myths have certain grounds and are kept being fed by numerous incidents happening in the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of airplanes and large-tonnage vessels disappeared or broke down, passing through this area, and scientists cannot find any theory and sensible explanations that could cover all the doubts and questions related to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

There are, however, several most legitimate theories that try to give purely scientific explanations to the disappearance of ships and airplanes in this area. Some of them simply deny any unusual nature of this place and claim that the level of incidents in this place is just as high as at any other point of the Atlantic Ocean, the others try to involve magnetic fields that affect mechanical elements of the ships and airplanes. One of the most interesting is the “river effect” of the Gulf Stream that takes away the objects due to its strong current nearby the Bermuda Triangle.

Hero Essay

What makes a hero? Why do we set the standards and labelling some people as cowards and the others as heroes? When I pronounce the word hero, there are numerous pictures that come to my mind: legendary heroes, fighting with monsters for their land, war heroes back in the beginning of the twentieth century fighting for their countries, or sportsmen winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. Recently I have added to this word another association – movie “Heroes”, another picture of the hero as a human being with abnormal talents that are used to save the world. They are so different, but are all called heroes. So what is the definition of a hero? What I ask you is: “What should I do to become a hero”?

Should I become a Hercules and repeat all of his acts of bravery, or should I put all the efforts to the sports to bring a gold medal to my country? Or maybe the evolutionary process will require both? It is impossible to answer this question, but one thing is obvious: Heroes are those who are different from us and bring to humanity something positive with the help of their unique abilities. The world is constantly changing and becomes more and more difficult to bring something new to it. Maybe “Heroes” with their supernatural capabilities is the requirement of the modern society and the only way to surprise us.

Oleanna Summary Essay

“David Mamet wrote a master piece” – it is one of the headers in the newspapers following the publishing of the book “Oleanna”. It is a strong and challenging work that lays bare the consequences of miscommunication and political ethics, as well as raised the sexual harassment problem once again in the literature, but from a new angle and new philosophy. Two-character drama reflects the relationships between Carol, college student, and her professor. Being scared of failing the subject student comes for help to the professor, who agrees to raise her grade should she consider meeting him in person for private tutoring.

The play is in four acts, which are split in the way to show the evolution of the relationships between the main characters. While during the first act professor is distracted by his personal issues, Carol is trying to develop personal dialog and professor touches her shoulder during the discussion. After the meeting, the student writes official complaint and claims of being sexually harassed by the professor. It comes much unexpected to the teacher and he is seeking to solve the situation and invites Carol for another meeting. The student, however, does not believe in good intentions of professor and the scandal results in the resignation of the last.

My Best Friend

My best friend is the one I love the most, trust the most and sometimes hate the most. Why hate? Because only my best friend can put me out of my temper like no one else, as nobody knows me so well and has full respect. I strongly believe that friendship is one of these difficult jobs that all of us are sometimes too weak to perform. My best friend have known me for already more than ten years and with all this baggage of knowledge and experience that we had together, he probably got somewhat bored with me. It is interesting to track the evolution of the relationships and its type during the years. We started our friendship as companions for games and children activities. Then we started to share some of more mature views and interests, such as sports and travelling, science and technology. We even thought that we will always share our life paths and be close to each other because we had so much fun together.

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